Our Gary and David Collection Offers Something For Everyone

Gary and David Collection

Our Gary and David Collection is Hand-picked by Gary Sanchez and David Santos

Silver – virtuous and radiant just like your love for her. Browse our magnificent collection of luminous sterling silver jewelry and pick any of these refined pieces explicitly crafted to enliven the beauty and charm of your beloved.

Our Gary and David Diamond .925 Collection is a Diamonds Direct exclusive diamond jewelry line created by owner Gary Sanchez and junior partner David Santos. This private diamond collection features sterling silver necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and bangles accented with white diamonds. That doesn’t mean this collection lacks in color… The collection’s variety extends to colored diamonds, green emeralds, purple amethysts, blue aquamarines, and more.

Pendants & Necklaces: Sterling silver pendants and necklaces are like pieces of elegance. Come by and visit us in downtown St. Petersburg to browse through our expansive collection of these radiant diamond pendants and necklaces and pick one for you to simply admire her elegance.

Earrings: Sterling silver earrings – simple and sleek, yet exquisite. Shop through our charming pairs of diamond sterling silver earrings that go together perfectly with all the outfits in your wardrobe. Our earring collection includes studs, chandeliers, and dangles–choose your perfect length!

Bracelets & Bangles: The most preferred fashion accessory – just for you. Browse through our fashion forward collection of exquisite sterling silver bracelets and bangles meticulously crafted to reveal your style statement and leave everyone speechless. Stack them up or wear them on their own–no matter how you wear your Gary and David, know you’ll be the envy of all arm-bling.

Fashion Rings: Whether you’re searching for something understated and classic or something bombarding the covers of your favorite magazines, we have the ring for you. Sterling silver rings make great every day fashion statements–especially when they’re accented with diamonds! Visit us at Sundial in downtown St. Pete and amidst the statement rings, simple rings, and more, you’re bound to find your perfect fashion statement.

The entire Gary and David collection is hand-selected by Gary and David with St. Petersburg in mind. The feeling someone gets while wearing a piece of diamond jewelry is like none other. When diamonds are set in sterling silver, you’re able to flaunt some diamond jewelry without breaking the bank. Your Gary and David Diamond .925 purchase even comes with a complimentary polishing cloth, so no need to worry about your jewelry tarnishing! What could be better?