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Sunshine Cut Diamond

Our Sunshine Cut Diamond Shines Brighter than Any  Other Round Diamond

Comparing A Round Diamond vs. Sunshine Cut Diamond – The Difference will Astound You

Malcom Forbes once said, “Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.” Although this statement is true, it does not mean that all diamonds are alike. Diamonds come in many sizes and colors with different levels of clarity. Thanks to advances in diamond cutting technology, diamond cutters now have access to more brilliant cuts. A good example of this is the Sunshine Cut diamond, our own 97-facet round diamond cut designed in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, exclusively found at Diamonds Direct. Before purchasing just any diamond, consumers should compare an ideal cut diamond with our Sunshine Cut to ensure they get the best value. When compared by the naked eye, gemologists and consumers both agree that the Sunshine Cut shines brighter than an ideal cut.

Ideal Cut or Round Brilliant Diamonds

Ideal cut diamonds are traditional round diamonds featuring 57 facets (58 facets if the culet, bottom tip, is included). In addition to being known as the ideal cut, these diamonds are also referred to as round brilliant, and the gemological quality of the cut is rated as excellent, good, or poor. In order to qualify as excellent, the cut must be perfectly symmetrical and, when this is the case, Hearts and Arrows can be seen with a euroscope diamond symmetry viewer. “Hearts and Arrows” refer to the shapes of the shadows that appear when light enters the diamond and reflects out the top. Although they can’t be seen by the naked eye, they must be present in order to qualify for this classification of excellence.

Forevermark and Hearts On Fire are two brands currently offering round brilliant/ideal cut diamonds, although numerous other firms also do. What makes their diamonds stand out from others on the market is they only use excellent grade diamonds, ones producing the Hearts and Arrows. For example, Hearts on Fire states that their diamonds ensure the perfect cut every time. Forevermark diamonds are round diamonds with a branded inscription on each stone. Neither Hearts on Fire nor Forevermark offer a different or new round diamond with a modified cut—both brands offer the traditional cut that’s been used for decades.

Sunshine Cut Diamonds

Created in the Sunshine City of the Sunshine State (St. Petersburg, Florida), the Sunshine Cut is named after the place that inspired Gary to create it—each one is even cut in Florida. The Sunshine Cut produces a patented and trademarked cut complete with 97 facets—forty more than an ideal/round brilliant. This means that we can take a diamond with Hearts and Arrows and make it even more perfect. The Hearts and Arrows on an excellent-graded diamond are made because of shadows, so he asked himself, “is a diamond really ‘perfect’ if it has shadows?” and so began the process of developing a cut that outshines the rest.

What makes our cut truly stand out is that it features the symmetry seen in ideal cut diamonds, yet it does not have any shadows. The brilliant difference can be seen with the naked eye (unlike Hearts and Arrows) and the cut’s gemological classifications outshine that of a Hearts and Arrows diamond, too: The Sunshine Cut is classified as a “modern cut” as opposed to a “traditional cut” and is graded as a “modified-excellent cut” instead of an “excellent cut.”

Gary developed the Sunshine Cut after 30 years of experience in the industry. Fully understanding how to make the most of any stone, each diamond (whether in the rough or already cut) needs to meet his high standards of qualifications before we begin the process of creating a Sunshine Cut. As a result, these gems have the most sparkle of any diamonds around.

Our Diamonds Direct store located in St. Petersburg, Florida offers both types of diamonds (among many others), as we wish to ensure clients have access to everything they want and need in one great location. Because we believe in our 97-facet Sunshine Cut, we don’t carry branded round brilliant diamonds like Hearts on Fire or Forever Mark. Among the many variations of diamond cuts that we carry, we do include excellent grade Hearts and Arrows diamonds (the same cut used by Hearts on Fire and Forever Mark). In any case, each diamond in our showroom is scrutinized and carefully hand-picked—so no matter the cut, each diamond is beautiful—but if you want to outshine the rest, get her a Sunshine Cut!